A Hometown Memorial to Illustrator Gary Jacobsen

  • 3/9/10

On the banks of the Little Sioux River near Spencer, Iowa, stands a memorial to illustrator Gary Jacobsen. Many of you will remember Gary, who passed away in 1994, for his lovely pastel and scratchboard illustrations. One of Gary’s dreams was to return to his hometown and convert an old Episcopal church into a studio and loft residence. He died before he could do that; but last summer, in an effort spearheaded by his brother, David, Gary’s family moved the church to a hillside overlooking the river view. Called “Gary’s on the River,” the church forms the top story of a restaurant and retail complex. The walls of the restaurant, which opened last December, hold a lifetime of Gary’s original artworks, many of which were donated by clients who learned of the project. The formal dedication will be held early this summer, and I hope to be there. See the project and Gary’s work at http://www.garysontheriver.com. Two links follow, one of which is a report by Iowa Public Radio, which covered the church’s move down main street:


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