On the Rocks (Somerset Entertainment)
AAA Magazine (language problems)
Mudhoney (Sub Pop Records)
Bride Magazine (“green” gifts)
This Old House Magazine (101 tips for home repairs)
Muscle and Fitness Magazine (salt and bloating)
Readers Digest (Christmas zen)
Scholastic (What to do About Alice?)
Downtown Houston Association (Christmas map)
Destination Weddings Magazine
Scholastic (The Mermaid Queen)
PC World Magazine (top ten tech habits)
Current (ad agency promo)
Audubon Magazine (Loggerhead sea turtles)
L.A. Magazine (post-plastic surgery hotel)
The New Yorker (Gossip girl)
The New Yorker (You Tube presidential debates)
The New Yorker (Rothko/Pollock concurrent retrospective)
This Old House Magazine (ghosts)
The New Yorker (scientist musicians)
Cigar Aficionado Magazine (music distribution)
Collins (The Suit)
New York Times (front page, travel section:  bad manners)